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In 2012, we added our mason to part of our full-time staff. With his years of experience and eye for natural beauty we welcome his valuable knowledge.

Comfortable with everything from simple repair of your front steps to building a pizza oven for your patio, his work is exceptional. The stone walls he has built surprised many of our customers, one who went so far as to cancel the installation of hedges so that they wouldn't block the "beautiful stone walls."

Often installation of a patio or other stone work comes with additional landscape changes. Small mistakes can lead to huge problems when doing stone work. Something as simple as failing to level the ground or consider drainage with the grade of your property can lead to an unwanted swimming pool instead of an inviting grill space. Surrounding your patio with the wrong plants can be at best unpleasant and at worst cause roots to undermine your stone structure.

the wall

A professional design and installation of your masonry project not only saves you the labor of installing it, but ensures you will have a beautiful and inviting space for years to come. It is incredible what changing your outdoors can do for your property values and for your own enjoyment of that yard. It's never a bad time to explore getting that patio you've always wanted or fixing that crumbling stone wall. Give us a call today!