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Lawn maintenance

Ever wonder why the grass is always so much greener on the other side? It's because Thomas J. Costello Landscaping is maintaining that lawn!

Maintaining your average lawn is hard work. Weekly mowing, weeding, storm/leaf clean-up and hedge trimming can take up a lot of time and energy and those are just the absolute essentials. Add in fertilizing, seeding, aerating, mulching, weed spraying and dethatching and the list can go on for days. Keeping your lawn green and beautiful requires knowledge of landscaping that is far beyond the average trip to Home Depot.

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Tom's experience and degree bring years of knowledge and experience to your lawn. We have a customized fertilizer program that delivers the right nutrients to your lawn at the right time and in the right amount to keep it looking fresh and green all year long. Our seeding and aeration are scheduled to generate the best possible result for your grass. Hedge trimming and pruning are done during the proper cycles of plant growth to ensure healthy growth. Plus of course we offer regular lawn mowing, weeding and spring/fall clean-ups.


We can give you an estimate for full service lawn care so you know ahead of time what your year of maintenance will cost you. We can tailor an estimate to meet your budget and needs. Not sure what those are? Give us a call and Tom will come out to walk your property with you. He can offer suggestions, answer questions and give you help with all aspects to maintaining a beautiful green lawn.