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Thomas J. Costello Landscaping can fulfill all your lawn care needs. We can also install all your new planting projects, whether it is adding shrubbery to your existing planting scheme or creating a brand new lawn. Some of our services are spring and fall clean-ups, lawn cutting, pruning and snow removal.

The experts at Thomas J Costello Lawn Health Division want you to enjoy the pleasure that a thicker, greener, more healthy lawn will bring to your whole family. A well-maintained turf grass will provide a comfortable, safe setting for your leisure activities, games and sports. You may also choose a "country lawn" for a less manicured look and in keeping with environmental concerns and lower use of fertilizers and chemicals. Thomas J Costello Landscaping is proud of its commitment to caring for the environment.

Our trained, knowledgeable staff are licensed by the State of Connecticut and are insured. Taking care of the environment begins in our own back yards...

De-thatching, slice seeding, core aeration – Renews your lawn areas by the removal of dead grass build-up, insertion of grass seeds directly into soil layer, or removal of small plugs of grass for complete rejuvenation.Turf Managment

Fertilization & Lime Application – Spring, early and late summer, and fall programs to add pre-emergent weed control, balanced, complete fertilizers, broadleaf weed control, grub control and applications of lime as needed for proper acid/alkalinity balance.

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Inspections & Soil Testing – Periodic inspections of lawn for insects or diseases and sampling of soil to determine nutrient needs.

Organic Applications Program – You may choose our organic fertilizer/weed and pest control program in keeping with an ever-increasing awareness of environmental stewardship. If you live within 250' of a water body, new regulations limit the use of pesticides and fertilizers. See our link for more information.

Call (203) 357-0788, for a free maintenance estimate and find out what Thomas J. Costello Landscaping can do for you.